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“The philosophy of the Impact Wrkshp Fellowship was such that it allowed me to direct an independent research project while having the strong support and mentorship from SCH+ARC studio. It made me grow not only as a practitioner but also as a question-asker, prototype-maker and multitasker.” - Reina Imagawa, Impact Fellow 14’

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Here at SCHARC we believe design drives change, and we are on a mission to empower it.

In 2014 we launched SCHARC Impact : WRKSHP, a 12 week social-advocacy fellowship for female architecture + design students to who seek to impact social justice through their work. Every summer, we connect purpose-driven students with a local community in-need and provide them with the resources- mentorship, project management, training, fabrication, and stipend funding, to empower them to bring their social equity design ideas into fruition. We show emerging designers how to harness the power of their training to better the lives of those affected by their work, AND equip occupants within resource strapped communities with access to quality interior environments.

Summer 2019

This summer, Impact : WRKSHP joined forces with Newark Yoga Movement, a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing mindfulness practices to communities within Newark. Together, we are designing a dedicated mindfulness classroom called, The Hammock Room, at the Sussex Avenue Renew School, in Newark, NJ. The Hammock Room will provide children with a safe-haven in which to breath, relax, and to connect with their bodies and minds. Our fellows will design and fabricate a set of interactive partitions to help divide the open plan classroom into activity zones for yoga, art-therapy, and writing. These partitions will serve as active interfaces, helping engage the students as participatory learning tools within the classroom. Our project will expose children and adolescents to the power of design, inspiring them to take the built environment into their own hands and contribute to the re-imagining of their spatial surroundings.

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who we are

Meet our inspirational team of advisers and partners [here].


2019 impact : WRKSHP Fellowship Recipients

Vanwalee Chansue, Interior Design, Pratt Institute
Maya Ponzini, Interior Design, Pratt Institute
Samantha Garcia, Architecture, NJIT

who is eligible?

Impact Wrkshp fellowship is open to all female students or recent design graduates in architecture, interior design, industrial design, furniture design, and related disciplines. Our call for applicants is published in late February, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis until our May deadline.

[Applications for Summer 19’ fellowship cohort are now closed] but there are MANY ways to pitch in, spread the impact, and get involved. Donate to help make an impact this summer or email us at wrkshp@scharcstudio.com to lend a hand!